Throwback The ’90s – The Crop Top And The Ankle Bracelet



Ahhh.., the crop top! No matter whether it’s a part of a set or just a simple top that seemed to go with everything, it was everywhere in the ’90s!
When I decided to include the crop top (how could I not) in my ’90s series, I had several crop top looks to choose from.., however, this picture brought up some memories I had almost forgotten, so here it is…

It was after a night of clubbing at TU. TU was the club to be at for the young the hip and the cool in Taipei’s ’90s. It was a well known and well loved spot for Taipei’s foreign nationals, and those bilingual locals like myself were among the regulars too.
Leaving TU after 4AM, I didn’t join my American friends for the scooter ride to Dan Shui Beach for the “breakfast while watching the sunrise” trip. Their offer sounded…

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