What’s It Really Like Working At A DOE National Lab.

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I don’t have Netflix or even a TV, so I haven’t seen Stranger Things other than some ads on You Tube.  This post turned up and I thought that I would share my experiences working at a DOE National lab. The author of the post is a little retrained so I thought that I would liven things up.

Hawkins National Laboratory Doesn’t Exist.

In the show, Hawkins National Laboratory is a tightly secured Energy Department facility in the middle of a deep, dark forest. The truth is Hawkins National Laboratory — just like the fictional town of Hawkins — doesn’t exist. However, one of the National Laboratories has a forest connection! Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois is named after the surrounding Argonne Forest. Established in 1946, Argonne is America’s first designated National Lab and was founded to continue Enrico Fermi’s work on nuclear reactors. Argonne is now a multidisciplinary science…

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Cool signs….

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I found this sign online….

Have you seen any cool signs on your travels lately?

Here is one I found downtown today. It took me a little by surprise and I had to take the pic 😉

Hoping you will share here some interesting,  unusual, or funny signs you have spotted……

If you have a post about a sign already made, you can ping back to it here and I will go look!

Have FUN!

Ann 🙂


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