A Good Inside Look At How Ransomware Operators Work

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This is a post series on cyber crime. For more posts click here or the cybercrime tag below.

Francis Turner has some good stuff about how ransomware operators work here.

This post on Krebs sort of puts numbers to the equation.


Apparently the same people who created the CryptXXX variant of malware started with reveton.

So the operational level setup is pretty much the same. What’s changed is the software they spread.  Which they did not develop themselves.  As I point out in this post.


In a way, being in the malware business is a red queen’s race.  You keep having to change to keep up.  After all, there are a raft of security companies keeping an eye out for your “product” and shutting the product down ASAP.  For every exploit that a malware uses the time for a return on investment is low.  the typical exploit has about…

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