Life is Beautiful

Luke Atkins

With all of the sinister cynicism that creeps its way into our cell phones and computers—lofting insistent tidal waves of excruciating pain to our heads through hip little nitpicking criticisms of virtually everything—it’s nice to occasionally sit there and, like, relish life. It’s nice on those exceptional, bizarre moments in which you aren’t working or thinking or talking or chilling or eating or pooping or sleeping- or anything else that fits the caricature of your “daily tedium” list.

I use this post to supplement my other article from today, a beefy political one, because being serious and stressful isn’t a whole lot of fun. Here is an assorted compilation of videos that will remind you that life—even on those putrid, rainy, sad days—isn’t too bad, whether it’s beautiful, fascinating, or just hilarious.

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