Soulful Sunday – Power In A Name

Real Bold Truth

I don’t think I have ever felt the need to find out the true meaning of my name. It just never dawned on me until I was challenged to find out. As I was reading Leadership – The I am….Way, the book I wrote my first review on, it instructed me to find out!

READ THIS! – Leadership – The I Am…Way

Chanel (pronounced – Shanelllike the French Designer)means Canal, Channel, Pipe. At first I was far from impressed but then reached further to get additional clarity on what those things meant.

Canal – a passageway used to link or connect small vessels into larger territories.

Channel – An accessible frequency used to direct, transmit and communicate.

Pipe – A connector used to assure and maintain continual flow.

A light bulb in my spirit suddenly illuminated my soul! What revelation on those things my Savior has predestined me to…

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