Dear All,

It has been my great pleasure to work with willing and able minds. In our school, the indicator for this breed is IF( ID in M239, 1, 0). Indeed, finishing the class is a testament to your grit and wit.

M239 promised you three things: Excel, logic thinking, and competence, along with its demanding nature. In hinder sight, I am less sure if I have delivered the first three, but I am quite sure of its demanding nature. I believe honest teaching must be challenging; true learning must go beyond one’s comfortable zone. I’ve never felt sorry for pushing the limits of my students.

Perhaps you will forget the models of dart game, newsvendor, options, hedging, market share, healthcare, social mobility, auctions, or Markov chain. Perhaps you will not use all the techniques from M239 in your future life. Perhaps you will forget the intellectual challenges you have…

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Ensuring That You Have a Pinless Calling Experience in Your Business

New Youth Phone

If you are currently running or own a company/ business, you probably have heard about private branch exchange (PBX) phone system.
pinless calling

The TDM-based calling experience (also known as traditional calling) is an old concept; currently, businesses and companies across the globe are looking for high quality voice solutions that are reliable and can deliver pinless calling for their businesses. It is for this reason why an increasing number of users are option for the voice-over-IP (VoIP) calling option for their organizations, businesses and companies. The VoIP industry has come a long way and has always been striving to improve the quality of services. However, not all the VoIP services are the same. Since you are looking for a pinless calling experience, there are certain things you need to look into.

The Right Choice of Provider

To ensure that you get an outstanding VoIP system and services, it is important that…

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Embryo Vs Life

philosophical Epiphany

An embryonic stem cell line is obtained by harvesting stem cells from a fertilized egg at the (blastocyst stage). The stem cells are then placed on a petri dish in orderto duplicate, grow, and later used for treatment.

The pressing question is, can we use stem cells from an early stage developing embryo in order to treat patients? The debate against stem cell harvest presents itself as follows: “When you harvest embryonic stem cell line, you are simultaneously destroying an embryo.”

But I yearn to reveal a facet that is never spoken of in the dispute against stem cell research.


Embryos are presently being obliterated in other practices; namely,in-vitrofertilization. Here, they reap multiple eggs from the ovaries and begin to fertilize them with semen; consequently, all of the eggs become zygotes. Subsequently, they allow the zygotes to develop to the (blastocyst stage), and only the ones that are…

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