Still More Shipping Reports

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Not good, I’m afraid. I’ve held  off on this update hoping for  news of improvement. Well It’s not happening.

Apparently almost ALL the companies could be heading for a crash.

It looks like the guys on the beaches are going to be getting a lot of steel in the near future.

while there seems to be some slow growth rail traffic is still far below last year.

And more stored locomotives.

The fact is that less stuff is being moved around.  Because demand is down just about everywhere.  Which is a good leading indicator that manufacturers are not expecting a higher demand in the near future.  Which is why the economy will continue to stink.

As I’ve certainly said before in these post the economy is dysfunctional. The bad…

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Scandinavia is not a socialist triumph

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Sorry, socialists; Scandinavian success isn’t your trump card.

While Scandinavia has emerged as one of the world’s leaders in terms of how to run an economy, many advocates of socialism claim that its success is down to large numbers of socialist economic principles. This fanciful perception could not be any more untrue; in fact, the Scandinavian countries extol the virtues of the capitalist economic ideology more than anything else. The fact that even figures such as Senator Bernie Sanders, who claimed that America should look to countries “like Denmark, like Sweden and Norway” for their purported socialist beliefs, believe this woeful and misguided claim, comes as a shocking challenge to the belief that socialism in itself cannot bring about economic prosperity. In theory, this is all well and good: differing ideas are needed to promote healthy, beneficial economic debate which allows countries to further develop. Despite this, when one side of the argument persists with making claims…

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The Communication Tower 

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iPhoneOgraphy – 04 Jun 2016 (Day 156/366)

A cell site or cell tower is a cellular telephone site where antennae and electronic communications equipment are placed, usually on a radio mast, tower or other high place, to create a cell (or adjacent cells) in a cellular network. The elevated structure typically supports antennae, and one or more sets of transmitter/receivers transceivers, digital signal processors, control electronics, a GPS receiver for timing (for CDMA2000/IS-95 or GSM systems), primary and backup electrical power sources, and sheltering.

In Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) networks, the correct term is Base Transceiver Station (BTS), and colloquial synonyms are “mobile phone mast” or “base station”. The term “base station site” might better reflect the increasing co-location of multiple mobile operators, and therefore multiple base stations, at a single site. Depending on an operator’s technology, even a site hosting just a single mobile operator may house…

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