Don’t Follow Your Heart

Joys of Joel

Don’t follow your heart
it will be broken

by the power of your master
in pieces it will shatter

your dreams of forever.

Don’t follow your heart
endings will be the start

of unending beginnings

But if weakness
is your courage

and freedom is your cage
then listen to its whisper

Embrace its chapter
of love and hate

Don’t follow your heart
And you’ll meet an ever faithful friend

Who will always be with you
Even in the dawning of the sunset

His name is Regret.


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Copyright © 2016 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.

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Train Travel….. Lost in Time? Forgotten? Making a Come Back?……….

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The Washington Posthas an article By Melanie D.G. Kaplan about a cross country trip she took on Amtrack. The trip took her 48 hours. Described in the article were all the amazing things she was able to see and experience. Experiencing other travelers on the long journey. Such an experience can only be matched by an international flight. International flights you miss out on the sights and are cramped in like sardines in a can.

Many European and Asian countries have trains and actually have bullet trains. This would be nice to have The Untied States start using. Granite you would miss out on some of the scenery because of the high speeds but realistically if you are in that kind of hurry the scenery may not matter.

Traveling by train is long passed its hay day or at least in The United States. A day when big buildings…

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