Lost and Regained



A poem composed six  to seven years ago, when I was quite a theist. Now a pantheist, this poem resonates with me now more than what it used to.

Happy Reading…

With my duty finally ended,

I now walk empty-handed

Nothing gained and everything lost

I made the mistake and I have paid the cost

I have lost myself and have lost my way

Inside the labyrinth of life I now walk astray.

The strange sights that I see:

The spirits wandering,

The clouds thundering,

And fire blazing through the sky.

But still I keep on walking—

Although I know not the reason why!

My body aches and my feet are sore

But my heart aches all the more

But still I do not stop

Driven by a queer passion,

That pushes me away—

Away from the enchanted dungeon.

Now, now I see some light in pitch blackness

A ray of…

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