Lost and Regained



A poem composed six  to seven years ago, when I was quite a theist. Now a pantheist, this poem resonates with me now more than what it used to.

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With my duty finally ended,

I now walk empty-handed

Nothing gained and everything lost

I made the mistake and I have paid the cost

I have lost myself and have lost my way

Inside the labyrinth of life I now walk astray.

The strange sights that I see:

The spirits wandering,

The clouds thundering,

And fire blazing through the sky.

But still I keep on walking—

Although I know not the reason why!

My body aches and my feet are sore

But my heart aches all the more

But still I do not stop

Driven by a queer passion,

That pushes me away—

Away from the enchanted dungeon.

Now, now I see some light in pitch blackness

A ray of…

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Traveling to Spiti Valley

Untraveled Routes

Reaching Spiti Valley

“Spiti Valley is the land defined as God’s abode”, this place is as unique and spectacular as it’s name. The wonderland is so beautiful that we decided to dedicate a segment to it on our blog.

Spiti Panor.jpg That is just a glimpse of the wonderland, Untraveled Routes will soon be sharing more pictures and all the required travel details 🙂

We, as in me, Ashish (my soulmate) with our 11 months old little love in tow did an epic road trip to Spiti Valley in April 2016. We covered the region in 10 – 11 days by our i10 🙂 and Ashish did the heroic task of driving throughout. I will be gradually sharing all the details right here in this section.

The only way to witness the beauty of this place is by road.The transcendent roads are something you would have never seen or experienced before. These…

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