Drugs and Human Dignity

philosophical Epiphany

Onmorality, The German philosopher Immanuel Kant states that one ought treat others as ends in themselves and nevermerely as means. This, I believe, to be reflexive; namely, onecan not treat themselves as a mean or merely a thing.

One’sobligation to oneself consists ofa ban against designating theirselfhood as a toy tosheer inclinations. This obligation hasan exceptionally swaying logic thatpertains to human dignity. Since the epitome of human dignity is to never deal with others or yourself merely as a thing, it appears that the manipulation of a human being viadrug-induced pleasures should be regarded as an obvious infringement of human dignity. Drug-induced pleasures interfere with one’s selfhood, and they seem to degrade a being to a plaything of inclinations. Thus, human dignity is severed when theemotions are dominated by drug-induced sense of happiness.


Let us go on further in the illustration of drug-induced happiness; here, the individual is dispossessed…

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