That Extra Pair of Eyes

Cynthia Reyes

Every writer needs an extra pair of eyes, but the reality is we only have two!

Here’s a shout-out to two women who have kept faith with me at different stages of the writing of An Honest House:

Lesley, my writing coach, mentor and first editor.   

Lesley PhotoLesley Marcovich believes everyone has a story to tell. She runs a writers’ group, biography workshops, and is the creator of

I’ve been blessed to find this woman. Strong on storytelling structure, she divines the things I’m scared to write about, and tells me – gently but firmly – that I have to do it. On my rougher days, she even traveled for meetings on  my verandah.




Katherine lives in Gibraltar and provides valuable services to authors around the world. She’ll:

  • Edit your book.
  • Provide a pre-publication review of your manuscript, AND provide critical feedback.

I was blessed with…

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The Three Commandments of Writing

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If you asked my writing teachers for three words of advice on how to write well, most of them would give you the same three words.


A fair amount of people I knew in graduate school admitted, ashamed, that they didn’t have time to read fiction. I wouldn’t have just been ashamed – I would have dropped out of school immediately and pursued another path. Do any art students not look at art? Do any film critics not watch films? Without reading fiction, you cannot know the structure and feel of it. You cannot write without reading.


Okay, not exactly groundbreaking stuff here, but the levels of delusion are high in many potential writers. Case in point: me. Since I was young, I’ve wanted to be an author. And yet, I didn’t actually start writing a novel until the summer after my freshman year of college. If you…

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