What If The Hokey Pokey Is What It’s All About

Midnight Musings with Megs

(Or Hokey Cokey)

(Or Hokey Tokey)

My roommate (Hi Mom!) has a sign that says this, and my answer?

That is just fine, because one of my biggest life accomplishments involves the hokey pokey. Thank cheeses (<~~ You might have to say that aloud to understand why that’s my saying).

You are looking at reading the work of someone who was involved in breaking the record for the world’s largest Hokey Pokey Dance. When I checked this just now, I was briefly disheartened, because a group of people claimed that the Guinness Book of World Records said that they broke the record after I participated in the dance, but apparently their category was the largest line dance. So my achievement still remains. When I assisted in breaking this record in 2010, we had 7,384 participants.

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