Hyperloop pods competing in Elon Musk’s big race later this year – Ali Hyperloop 11

Later this year, dozens of college teams from around the world will travel to Hawthorne, California to compete in a high-stakes contest to prove Elon Musk’s vision of super-fast, super-sustainable, tube-based transportation known as the Hyperloop.

The teams were chosen last January in SpaceX’s Hyperloop pod design competition held at Texas A&M University.
From over 120 schools, 29 college teams (plus one high school team and one non-student team that formed on Reddit) were picked to advance to the next round. They are now building fully functional, three-fourth scale models of their pods to test on SpaceX’s one-mile track. It’s unlikely that any of the pods will get up to the Hyperloop’s theoretical full speed of 760 mph, but the shot of adrenaline to the burgeoning Hyperloop industry should be huge.

The exact date and location of the contest haven’t been revealed yet. SpaceX is shooting for early-to-mid-August, according to leaked emails sent to the teams. That date, however, will depend on construction and testing of the track. Still, all the teams are hard at work, fueled by their collective excitement of being at the vanguard of a new form of transportation. (In his original paper outlining the Hyperloop, Musk described it as “the fifth mode of transportation.)

“There are so many unknowns because this is the first year of the competition, and the first time anything like this has been done,” said Grace Everitt, a member of the University of Florida’s Gatorloop team, “but it’s thrilling to be part of the first wave of the revolution.”


See the others http://uk.businessinsider.com/what-riding-inside-hyperloop-pods-could-look-like-2016-6?r=US&IR=T


Love me forever…



Love me now, love me forever,

Promise me you’ll leave me never.

Hug me cozy, hold me tight,

Keep me warm all through the night.

Grow up with me, grow old with me,

You have indeed become my destiny.

Speak to me, hear me too,

I want to share everything with you.

Gaze at me, stare at me,

I only dress up for you to see.

Smile at me, laugh with me,

For it’s with you I am most free.

Peck me tender, kiss me with lust,

Assure me you’ll not break my trust.

Whisper softly, feel my heartbeat,

This is the moment when two souls meet.

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What If The Hokey Pokey Is What It’s All About

Midnight Musings with Megs

(Or Hokey Cokey)

(Or Hokey Tokey)

My roommate (Hi Mom!) has a sign that says this, and my answer?

That is just fine, because one of my biggest life accomplishments involves the hokey pokey. Thank cheeses (<~~ You might have to say that aloud to understand why that’s my saying).

You are looking at reading the work of someone who was involved in breaking the record for the world’s largest Hokey Pokey Dance. When I checked this just now, I was briefly disheartened, because a group of people claimed that the Guinness Book of World Records said that they broke the record after I participated in the dance, but apparently their category was the largest line dance. So my achievement still remains. When I assisted in breaking this record in 2010, we had 7,384 participants.

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