Dashing into 10 months!


Yay! MiddleMe is now entering 10 months and still growing bit by bit with the help and support from you endearing folks.

Every time, I reveal a little personal about myself in each post, my thoughts, my advice, I felt I have given a little part of myself and receive a huge load of encouragement from you.

Ahh.. That’s why Kally’s been so busy with..

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Today, I’m going to announce another growth of me. I have launched a new website called LadyRedot.com. This came about when I receive so many inquiries about my travels to China and how you all wanted to see more pictures of food and my adventures. MiddleMe is a platform centralized mainly about careers and how you can improve yourself in the workforce while LadyRedot will be showcasing a more personal side of me and my adventures throughout the globe.

If you have always like…

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Objectivity is Subjective

philosophical Epiphany

           Life is a subjective experience that cannot be fled. All my experiences emanate within my own, personal, and particular perspective. There exists no peer-reviews of my instantaneous perceptions of the world, nor are there any real corroborations of my immediate interactions. This transcends into notable repercussions for the way I live. The first and most pressing realization is that I ought to have faith in my individual experience since no one but me has this angle or point of view. Second, I am in awe as I realize that any ‘objective’ identification I avowal is constructed merely from scratch, by me.

What I construct hinges on the things I’ve read, the events I’ve had, and the folks I’ve encountered. Subjectivity is the fundamental experience; for me, it is life itself. This suggests that no one perceives the world entirely like anybody else; and each of us will ‘live’ in their own individually…

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