How to Cinco de Drinko in 2 Ways

How To Get Things Done in 10 Ways

Cinco de Mayo! Another weird holiday come and gone. Being half Mexican, I feel like that is my DAY! An entire holiday that we celebrate with Mexican food and alcohol? Um duh. Yeah that’s my kind of holiday.


In high school my friends and I used to make a day of it and we would all cook a mexican dish and then potluck and then our one full hispanic friend would bring the enchiladas. So amazing.

Now that I’m older, I definitely always celebrate with at least a margarita. Last year was the ultimate Cinco de Mayo, being on a Tuesday…Taco Tuesday. It was perfect! This year, Thursday is still okay. Celebrating on a Friday Eve. I love it. I met up with my girls for drinks and funny thing is…we made these plans a few days ahead of time and decided to meet up specifically for margaritas on Thursday…

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