Today In NY Central Railroad History

Pictured above is Harold Vanderilt. He was followed as New York Central Chairman by Robert Young.

Continuing what we have done over the last few months, we take a column published by Mark Tomlonson and try and find more facts, pictures on the subjects.

June 14, 1954 Robert R. Young officially gains control of the New York Central. Harold S. Vanderbilt is forced out, the last Vanderbilt to serve the New York Central.

Read more on this story of Vanderilt and Young.

June 15, 1902 The New York Central & Hudson River Railroad’s “20th Century Limited”, “a train a century ahead of its time” according to contemporary accounts, begins operation. The average speed is 49 mph between New York and Chicago resulting in a 20-hour journey.

June 15, 1938 The “20th Century Limited” is equipped with new streamlined equipment and a new schedule that averages 60 mph.

Read more about the 20th Century Limited.

June 14, 1903 The Big Four Railroad (CCC&StL, later NYC) establishes the New York to St. Louis “Southwestern Limited”, scheduled at 30 hours for the trip.

June 14, 1929 The New York Central inaugurates its transcontinental rail-air service to Los Angeles. The route is formed in conjunction with Universal Air Lines (predecessor of United Air Lines) and Santa Fe via Southwestern Limited. Air travel is between Cleveland and Garden City, KS using Fokker Trimotors. Four passengers make the first westbound trip. Also on board: a silver container of Atlantic Ocean water from New York Mayor Jimmy Walker to be presented to the Mayor of Los Angeles.


June 13, 1845 The Troy & Greenbush Railroad (later NYC) opens between its namesake New York towns. It is the last link in an all-rail line between Boston and Buffalo.

June 13, 1938 New train sets for the “20th Century Limited” are placed on display at Grand Central Terminal and LaSalle Street Station.

June 8, 1962 The Trustees of the New Haven Railroad ask to be included in the Penn Central merger. The Presidents of the New York Central and Pennsylvania Railroads state they would rather see all the railroads of the Northeast united in a single system.

June 8, 1967 An 18-car New York Central freight trains runs from New York to Los Angeles in 54 hours, 17 minutes. This joint venture between NYC and the Santa Fe sets a new speed record, but does not lead directly to any changes in freight service.


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