The Last Time Things Got This Bad, It Ended In War

The Arts Mechanical

I was going through am old picture book of Harpers Illustrated  Weekly pictures from the late antebellum period and that was about the last time political parties put armed mobs in the streets.  The Democrats started that one too. Back in the 1860 campaign, well  they actually campaigned in the streets.  In uniform and everything. These are the Republicans, marching down Broadway in NYC. Quite a show, wasn’t it?

The new uniforms aren’t as spiffy, but the Democrats are bringing violence back to political campaigns with a vengeance.  They’ve been doing it actually, for some time now and for some strange reason it never seemed to make the news.  Between the black hoodie “anarchists,” the SEIU thugs and the rest they’ve built up  a pretty strong coalition of thuggery.  Which we saw in display in California.

Of course fear is a pretty potent weapon when you’ve run out of…

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