Kentucky cabinet seeks comments on draft freight transportation plan

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) earlier this month released a proposed 2016 statewide freight transportation plan for public review and put out a call for recommendations to establish a freight advisory committee that would help enhance communications between the cabinet and the freight industry.

KYTC’s Division of Planning-Multimodal Programs Branch partnered with consultant CDM Smith Inc. and the Kentucky Transportation Center to develop the draft freight plan, which analyzes the state’s system of roads, railroads, waterways, airports and pipelines. The plan proposes initiatives and investments for the state’s freight transportation system.

KYTC will accept written comments on the draft plan until July 8. The cabinet is seeking input from constituents, local governments, industry partners, and interested agencies and organizations.

“We are eager to receive input on the statewide freight plan from interested parties whose goal is to promote the safe and efficient transportation of freight,” said KYTC Secretary Greg Thomas in a press release.

The cabinet also announced plans to form a freight advisory committee to improve communication and coordination efforts between the state and freight industry. Public and private stakeholders, and anyone with an interest in freight industry needs, innovations and goals are encouraged to apply, KYTC officials said.

We will be furnishing Kentucky Government with documents about our plans to build a HYPERLOOP connection between Louisville and Chicago AND about the use of this connection for freight.

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