Detroit’s M-1 Rail opens Penske Tech Center

Detroit’s M-1 Rail yesterday dedicated its Penske Tech Center, which will serve as the maintenance and operations center for the city’s QLINE streetcar vehicles.

A rendering of M-1 Rail’s Penske Tech Center
Source: M-1 Rail

Sponsored by Penske Corp., the center also will house the agency’s administrative staff, M-1 Rail officials said in a press release.

In March, Quicken Loans chose “QLINE” as the official name of the city’s streetcar line. That company received naming rights due to its financial support during the project’s fundraising period.

“The QLINE was made possible by the unprecedented private public partnership fueling this project,” said M-1 Rail Chief Executive Officer Matt Cullen. “QLINE is a catalyst for economic development and business growth, but it’s also as the first step toward creating a great regional transit system in Detroit.”

The Penske Center will be the United States’ first vehicle storage and maintenance facility to operate complete off-wire, M-1 Rail officials said. The first modern streetcar is expected to be delivered to the center by the fourth quarter, when testing and safety certification will begin.

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