Denver RTD gears up for construction on Southeast Rail Extension

Construction on Denver Regional Transportation District‘s (RTD) $233 million Southeast Rail Extension project will begin May 10, the agency announced earlier this week.

After receiving a $92 million award from the Federal Transit Administration, RTD gave Balfour Beatty Infrastructure Inc. a notice to proceed with building the project. The remaining costs will be covered by local funding sources, RTD officials said in a press release.

The project calls for extending the agency’s light-rail system 2.3 miles south from its existing terminus at Lincoln Avenue in Douglas County, Colo., along with purchasing eight rail vehicles. Slated to open in 2019, the extension will include three new stations and 1,300 parking spaces.

“This project wouldn’t be happening without the support from the local jurisdictions, as well as our federal partner,” said RTD Chair Tom Tobiassen. “It is because of our strong partnerships that we continue to expand public transportation throughout the Denver metro area and create a city that is ready for the future.”

Map of Denver RTD’s Southeast Rail Extension project
(Click to view larger.)
Source: Denver RTD

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