Be Your Own VAN!

“ECGrid has proven to be the most reliable EDI Network over the last decade.”

Archie Black, President & CEO
SPS Commerce


Let’s keep this simple:

You are an EDI power user. The VANs have failed you, so you have done the hard work of setting up your own EDI communications system with FTP/SFTP and AS2 for your trading partners can connect directly to you.

In fact, you have cobbled together your own rudimentary VAN; however, a significant number of your trading partners have to route through a VAN because you don’t have Interconnects. So you have to keep that using that annoying VAN mailbox and pay through the nose for it.
What if YOU could be the VAN?
What would that do to your costs?

Since 2000, Loren Data has enabled companies like yours to take control of its own destiny with ECGrid.

ECGrid is the “secret” weapon that has allowed companies such as SPS Commerce, CovalentWorks and BoldVAN to compete toe-to-toe with the VANs, and you can, too. ECGrid is the only system designed to allow you to be the VAN!

  • Instant interconnects
  • Exceptional value pricing
  • Unprecidented data visibility
  • Based on 20-years VAN experience
  • Integrated AS2 at no additional cost
  • Extensive ECGridOS web services API
  • 24x7x365 US-Based Network Operations Center
  • Modern UI for both you and your trading partners
  • Unlimited mailboxes for multiple divisions, stores, etc.
  • Your trading partners can connect through any VAN

Warren Buffett said, ““Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” Now with ECGrid you can be your own VAN.

Happier Trading Partners
Lower Costs, Less Stress

Don’t wait another day, don’t pay another VAN bill. Call, write or run to Loren Data to set up a FREE TRIAL ACCOUNT today!
+1 310-827-7400

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