Veterans in the News, What Is Bernie Doing? Hillary In Trouble

There is that sly little Hillary “smirk” again! “I’m perfect, vote for me”

Now we have Mr. Trump raising $5.6 million for Veterans. But nobody is talking about adequately funding the Veteran’s Administration.

But I do not want either of them to be anywhere near the Presidency of the United States.

What does money for veterans groups got to do with the Presidency? They are just like any other civic action group. My boss is a VETERAN. He belongs to no groups, hates the veterans administration, but is a kind and giving person. He has had to fight a battle against chemical poisoning by Montsano all by himself. VA “out to lunch”.

Yes, we know the political press is tough and sometimes anti-everything. IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE.

Hillary had expected a stroll in the park to her anointment as Democratic candidate for president. But Bernie Sanders has made her life hell, forcing her to take left-leaning positions that will only make it more difficult for her to backtrack when the nomination becomes hers. He even pressured her to give his supporters a place on the 15-member panel that will draft the platform, a move that can easily saddle her with political positions around which she will have to struggle. Social justice activist Cornel West will give her a real pain.

What’s the difference? Who will even remember what the platform says? Normally, no one. But Bernie has changed the rules of the game. He and his supporters refuse to step aside, and they will use even-handedness to both Israelis and Palestinians as a new marker to define the Democratic Party. What kind of Jew does that? How can Bernie (and my own self-described anti-Zionist boss) reconcile???

Worse, Bernie and his bunch are playing the same game across the board. Either Bernie’s people get words they want in the platform, or they will use the fight to win further converts within the party and beyond.

How do Bernie and his people truly think they can undo all that? Do they expect party officials to turn their backs on all the campaign contributions, not to mention high-paying jobs as lobbyists and corporate honchos? Do those who feel the Bern really see the Democratic Party returning to the down-at-the-heel days of FDR and the New Deal?

What effing idealists! Why couldn’t they just go away? Or join the Greens? Or become independents?

In Hillary’s book, anyone who wants to get anything done has to come to grips with the reality of Big Money, as she did when she joined Walmart’s board of directors, and  as Bill did as governor of Arkansas and even more as president.

Surely Bernie can see that. Yet, even as he carries his presidential campaign all the way to the convention floor, his people are already laying the groundwork for a permanent progressive movement, hoping to use his growing popularity – and his unbelievably successful fund-raising email list – to create their own people’s agenda, expand their Berniecrat base, and elect a “Brand New Congress” for the mid-term elections in 2018. Who the hell do these people think they are? Are they trying to create a left-wing Tea Party that will purge those they see as DINOS, Democrats In Name Only?

Bernie himself is already raising money to defeat some of the party’s leading lights, people like Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, the party chairman who has done everything she could to help Hillary prevail. He’s even pushing for the party to throw Deb under the bus before the convention, which party leaders may have to do to prevent an embarrassing protest against her on national television.

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