Montreal transit agency ready to roll out AZUR trains

The Societe de transport de Montreal (STM) announced yesterday that it’s ready to begin sending more of its new AZUR trains into passenger service following the successful completion of a testing period.

The testing allowed STM to validate and adjust the performance of several systems with passengers on board, such as ventilation in automatic mode or the volume of audio messages. The first AZUR train traveled more than 14,000 miles with customers aboard since it debuted on the Orange Line in February.

Another train will continue to be operated without transit users. That train will perform necessary qualification tests on the system’s other lines.

By 2018, a total of 52 nine-car trains will be operational in STM’s subway system, agency officials said in a press release.

“This is very good news for Montrealers, as AZUR will help improve the transit experience for customers who choose public transportation,” said STM Chairman Philippe Schnobb.


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