Sanders Keeps Pressure on Clinton With Oregon Win

The tight race in Kentucky, although not a win for Sanders, shows he is still gaining momentum.

.S. Senator Bernie Sanders has won the Democratic primary in Oregon and with 99 percent of the vote counted in Kentucky, Clinton is the projected winner, with 46.7 percent to 46.3 percent for Sanders, according to CNN. The tight race, although not a win for Sanders, shows he is still gaining momentum.

Sanders has already been declared the victor in Oregon, winning 53.0 percent of the vote to 47.0 percent for Clinton, with 60 percent of the ballots counted. A total of 111 delegates were at stake in both statesTuesday night.

At a rally for Sanders on Tuesday night in California, which holds a primary on June 7—with 546 delegates up for grabs—actor Danny Glover told cheering supporters that the Vermont Senator has the “audacity” to challenge the status quo, “and that audacity didn’t begin today.” Glove added that Sanders supporters are “on the compass for justice” and that campaigners work for him with “love, compassion and commitment.”

Sanders said at the rally that he expects to win half of the delegates in Kentucky, despite a likely narrow loss, but criticized the primary process, noting that independents cannot vote and that the winner of the popular vote may not win the Democratic nomination. He also restated that he will continue his campaign so that Californians will have the right to vote for the presidential nominee of their choice.

Both Oregon and Kentucky are closed primaries in which only registered Democrats can vote. In California, people must register to vote by May 23, and must register as either a Democrat or independent.

As of Monday, Clinton was leading Sanders in the race for the Democratic nomination, with 1,741 pledged delegates to his 1,458. Clinton also has the support of 524 superdelegates, party elites who are not bound by the popular vote, to 40 for Sanders.


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