Is Your Supply Chain OS Ready?

We’ve talked about supply chain control towers over the years but it’s time to migrate from something that’s simply observing and controlling to the notion of a full environment that provides a set of underlying facilities. In other words, an operating system.

We are accustomed to operating systems that run our computers, servers, and mobile devices. These have a set of features that by themselves deliver a number of functions necessary to run the devices. These typically include storage, communication, presentation, and other important features. But very few computers are useful without the applications we install on them to perform specialized tasks. The same is true for the SCOS (Supply Chain Operating System).

Most companies involved in the supply chain have multiple systems installed at the enterprise or in use via SaaS. When the right combination of systems is in use, each connects to the other and passes informtation. The field of software integration has been an active one as companies install systems that need to connect with each other. Automated connections are critical to timely updates of transactions particularly as the pace of business quickens.

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