Rail Product News – Focus on Rail IOT

IEM Corp.: Smart Infrastructure Monitoring System
IEM Corp.’s Smart Infrastructure Monitoring System (SIMS) is the backbone of the company’s vibration monitoring system (VMS) and wheel flaw subsystem (WFD). While modern rail operations include many mitigating measures to reduce the impacts of vibration, real-time performance monitoring identifies associated noise and ground movement that can impact sensitive communities and facilities. Such rail corridors include hospitals and research operations containing vibration-sensitive equipment, museums with fragile collections and concert halls designed to optimize sound. READ »

Rail Product News

Protran: Protracker Train and Personal Alert Devices
Protran Technology offers the Protracker Train Device, which is designed to be mounted in the cab of a train or tied into the train’s monitor. The train operator will be audibly and visually alerted of personnel near tracks who are wearing the Protracker Personal Alert Device (PAD) and the headset. READ »

Siemens: Ruggedcom virtual machine environment Siemens has launched the Ruggedcom VPE1400 (Virtual Processing Engine), a virtual machine environment for its Ruggedcom RX1400 router. This software enables customers to run their own Linux operating system and applications on the RX1400 at the network edge. Data gathered during energy or network traffic monitoring operations, for example, can be pre-processed in the VPE1400 before being transmitted by the RX1400 to a data center. This can help reduce the volume of transmitted data and increase the stability, efficiency and performance of the network, Siemens said. This virtual machine can be used in numerous industries, especially those requiring reliable communications in harsh environments like rail READ »

Lat–Lon: Compact tracking unit
Lat–Lon has announced the release of the compact tracking unit (CTU). A smaller solar-powered tracking device, the (CTU) product is designed to fit in small spots, even in the grooves of a container or any other non-powered asset. The unit collects data to send from nearly any location to secure servers with multiple points for data access in near real time. READ »



Duos Technologies: Centraco 3.0 enterprise level software management platform
Information Systems Associates Inc.’s wholly owned subsidiary Duos Technologies, a provider of intelligent security analytical technology solutions, announces the release of centraco 3.0, an enterprise level software management platform that incorporates the traditional Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) functionality with a comprehensive Enterprise Information System (EIS) software suite. READ »

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