Brain Efficiency

philosophical Epiphany

            “T-R-E-E” A composition of symbols ever so subtly depicted in black against a lighter contrast. It signifies nothing until it is confronted by an individual who fathoms the English definition of the term. The definition: A woody perennial plant, having a single stem rising to a considerable summit and bearing tangential branches at particular distance from the land. However, when two individuals perceive the word “tree”, the representation etched in their mind is dissimilar from one another. In addition, the cerebral representation may be revised when the term is stumbled upon at a separate instance. The word may not have changed, nor does the sound of its pronunciation, yet the semblance may! How can that be explicated?

As one comprehends the word, memoirs transpire into consciousness contingent on the former encounters. Synaptic fibers discharge through the brain, swiftly migrating through pre-molded neuronal networks; inciting the most vivid memories of that specific object…

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