Mary in Miami: A 10-hour Day Trip

Mary in Manhattan

Everything about Miami screams relaxation and indulgence. During our Miami day trip, we swooned over giant colorful murals in Wynwood, skipped through the waves of South Beach and noshed on lunch at a tiny Cuban spot in Little Havana.

South BeachMy brother and I spent 10 hours in Miami, traveling from Fort Lauderdale. We decided to Uber everywhere, which made us very mobile and we were able to see a LOT. Check out our day, hour by hour, and then save my Google map to your phone so you can save an itinerary that will keep you busy in this famous Florida metropolis:

Hour 1: Wake up at 8:00 a.m. Snooze. Then snooze again, then finally wake up and eat a couple of bites for breakfast.

Hour 2: Call an Uber. Jump in the car, and it’s 45 minutes to Miami from Fort Lauderdale. We loved Ubering right away. Since…

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