PHAROAH SANDERS: live at Jazz Cafe London

Jazz You Too

Pharoah Sanders has a rich and heavy sound, one of the rawest and most disturbing of the jazz scene, Pharoah is glorified by free jazz lovers, he kept that aggressiveness and immoderate passion. His latest more mature music touches lyricism, exploring gentler and more rational paths without losing the intensity of an apprentice to Coltrane. Coltrane after listening to a Pharoah’s engagement at the Village Gate, invited him to play with his band, Sanders has never become an official member of Coltrane’s ensemble. Before meeting Coltrane, Sanders went through a very difficult period in his life, unable to make a living with his music he had to pawn his saxophone and he even slept on the subway.  His first record as a leader was in 1964, Coltrane’s death was in 1967, his legacy of experimentalism and spiritualism still resonates today, many claimed to be the next Coltrane, Sanders was able…

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