Metro-North plans for ‘aggressive’ track improvement program in 2016

By late June, MTA Metro-North Railroad plans to install 16,200 new ties on its New Haven Line.

Additionally, the commuter railroad will renew 12 switches/crossover panels in the Stamford Yard on the same line by early July. Work on both projects is part of Metro-North’s “aggressive” right-of-way improvement program for 2016, according to the railroad’s April “Mileposts” newsletter.

Crews will replace 44,800 ties on the Hudson and New Haven lines as part of Metro-North’s 2016 right-of-way improvement program.
Photo: MTA Metro-North Railroad

As part of that program, Metro-North’s crews will replace 44,800 ties and resurface 91 miles of track bed on the Hudson and New Haven lines.

Across all three of the commuter railroad’s lines, crews will conduct 8.24 miles of rail renewal work, replace 52 switches, weld 1,600 rail joints and restore 24 grade crossings.

Due to a mild winter, Metro-North already has surfaced 8,750 feet of track bed and welded 73 rail joints on the New Haven Line, according to the April newsletter. On the Harlem Line, crews have surfaced 5,300 feet of track, welded 62 rail joints and replaced 42 ties.

Learn more about freight and passenger railroads’ maintenance-of-way projects throughout North America in Progressive Railroading‘s 2016 MOW Spending Report.

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