Bernie Sanders Just Scored a Powerful Endorsement in NY City

Bernie Sanders receives the endorsement of Transit Workers Union Local 100 in Brooklyn.

In the social media age, where everyone has the power to endorse or denounce a presidential candidate online, traditional endorsements tend not to matter all that much.

This one might.

Today, less than a week before the New York primary, the Transit Workers Union Local 100 endorsed Bernie Sanders at a press conference in Brooklyn. The meeting was attended by hundreds of New York City transit workers, all dressed in matching T-shirts and baseball hats, carrying signs that read, “TWU says Feel the Bern.”

The reason this endorsement matters so much is because it’s not just coming from a single powerful individual or publication. The Local 100 is 42,000-members strong. With immediate family included, their reach stretches to roughly 100,000 people. They’re already organized, and they understand full well the importance of turning out the vote, as they’ve done so many times before to protect transit workers’ interests in New York City.

As union president John Samuelsen says, “It’s tens of thousands of dependable votes.”

This is the second major endorsement Sanders has gotten today in the lead up to the New York primary on Tuesday. Earlier this morning, in an op-ed for The New York Times, Senator Jeff Merkley also threw his support behind Sanders, becoming the first sitting Senator to back Sanders over Democratic rival and former New York Senator Hillary Clinton. OOOhhhhhh Hillary just lost one of her “SUPER DELEGATES”

Wonder what will happen with VERIZON strike in New York today???

Bernie was marching with them!

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