BART unveils first ‘Fleet of the Future’ rail car

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) last week unveiled the first “Fleet of the Future” rail car at its testing facility in Hayward, Calif.

The agency now has begun testing 29 separate performance measures on the unit as part of the mandated testing process, BART officials said in a press release.

The first dynamic performance tests are for propulsion and brakes. Other tests will be performed to verify wheel-to-axle resistance and electromagnetic compatibility. These tests will be performed under a variety of weight patterns to reflect an empty car weight, seated passenger weight and other variables, BART officials said.

The next testing phase will occur on BART’s mainline system during overnight hours. That phase will include 16 qualification tests that must be completed before the California Public Utilities Commission can certify the trains to carry passengers.

If all testing goes well and no major re-engineering is required, BART plans to put the first 10 units into passenger service in December.

The agency is ordering 775 new cars as part of its Fleet of the Future program. Each unit is valued at $2 million.

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