Ted Cruz, Unwelcome in The Bronx, Gets a Taste of ‘New York Values’

e may be riding a high after his win in Wisconsin, but New Yorkers are ready to bring Texas Sen. Ted Cruz back to reality.

The Republican presidential candidate who has criticized Donald Trump for his “New York values,” spent Wednesday campaigning in the Bronx, a borough of New York City known for its largely Hispanic and black population. But the day didn’t go as planned.

At one campaign stop, protesters and hecklers interrupted Cruz’s stump speech and approached him on the street, yelling that Cruz has “no business in the Bronx.” And later in the day, the Texas senator was forced to cancel a visit to a Bronx high school after students planned a walk out.

The U.S. Census Bureau considers the Bronx to be the most diverse area in the country — more than 53 percent of the population is of Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin. Those diverse residents made it clear on Wednesday that they are not pleased with Cruz’s plans to deport millions of people including children and to hire Trump to build a Mexican border wall, despite the senator’s upbringing by an immigrant father.

One protester, Rodrigo Venegas, interrupted Cruz’s event to call him a “right-wing bigot.”

“You’re running on an anti-immigrant platform, and you’re speaking in the Bronx,” Venegas told Cruz. “You should not be here.”

Kira Lerner, ThinkProgress

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