AAR debuts latest version of ‘Freight Rail Works’ campaign

The Association of American Railroads (AAR)  unveiled a new installment of its “Freight Rail Works” campaign, which highlights the role freight railroads play in the national economy.

The 2016 campaign explains the amount of freight — from cars to consumer goods to large-scale industrial materials — moved every year for each American, according to an AAR press release.

Freight rail accounts for about 40 percent of intercity freight volume, which is more than any other mode of shipping. In 2015, the industry set a record for intermodal freight volume, moving 13.7 million containers and trailers, AAR officials said.

The latest campaign installment will feature TV, digital, social and mobile media components. As part of the campaign, Freight Rail Works spokesman Jeremy Brandt will explore the rail industry’s role in the national shipping ecosystem.

“This year’s campaign visually brings to life the vast scale of goods moved around the U.S. and tells how freight rail’s private investments contribute to the safe and efficient movement of goods,” said AAR President and Chief Executive Officer Edward Hamberger.

The “Freight Rail Works” campaign was first launched in 2007.

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