Amtrak train derails in Kansas

An Amtrak Southwest Chief train derailed early this morning about 20 miles west of Dodge City, Kan., on track owned and maintained by BNSF Railway Co.

The train, which was carrying 128 passengers and 14 crew members, was traveling from Los Angeles to Chicago, Amtrak officials said in a press release.

At least 29 passengers were transported to local hospitals, according to the Associated Press and ABC News. All other passengers were moved to the 4-H Recreation Center in Cimarron, Kan., where they were slated to receive alternate transportation to their final destination. No fatalities were reported.

Amtrak is working with BNSF to investigate the cause of the incident, Amtrak officials said.

The Federal Railroad Administration announced on Twitter this morning that its investigators have arrived at the site of the derailment. The National Transportation Safety Board also said on its Twitter account that it is sending investigators to the location.

The derailment took place along a straight stretch of tracks in rural farmland, the AP reported. Five of the train’s nine cars were on their sides, with two others still standing but off the tracks, the news agency said.

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