What’s Amazon Up To?

I was considering writing an article about which company will be most disruptive to supply chains over the next few years, when lo and behold what pulls into my driveway but an Amazon-branded panel truck delivering a drill I ordered a couple days ago. Is that fate or what? At the very top of my list in the ‘Disrupter Hall of Fame’ would undoubtedly be Amazon, and their recent moves in logistics represent yet another supply chain area that ought to be preparing itself for disruption from this ecommerce giant.

Sure, there are other companies worthy of consideration. You could check out Elon Musk’s Tesla, with its electric cars, battery technology, and rocket ships. Or maybe Google, with autonomous vehicles, Google Glass, and their ubiquitous search functionality. Apple might be a good call, with their phones, tablets, watches, music, and gadgets. And Facebook is always worth a look. I’d stick with my pick of Amazon, though. There’s nothing out there to indicate they’re slowing down.

It isn’t only logistics where Amazon has focused its innovation. I’ve been an admirer since they opened their virtual doors back around 1997, and the breadth of their accomplishments is amazing. To reach the pinnacle as the world’s largest ecommerce site they’ve disrupted a number of different businesses and processes, along the way raising the level of innovation to a point where almost everyone else is playing catch-up.

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