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Hello Lovelies,

Happy Sunday! I hope you all are having a great weekend. Here is a look from my trip to Glenlo Abbey in Galway. I’m in love with this yellow jumper that i picked up in Zara during the week. It is by far one of my favourite winter wardrobe pieces.

We had such a wonderful time in Galway. If you ever have a chance to visit Glenlo Abbey, I would highly recommend it. The views alone of Lough Corrib and the dramatic West of Ireland landscape are breathtaking.

We dined in the Pullman Restaurant which offered a unique dining experience. There are two original first class carriages from the Orient Express, which are restored and are set on the grounds of the hotel.

I hope you all have a fab week ahead. I have some really fun posts coming up this week so I will keep you posted.

Glam Meets Girl x

(Jumper – Zara…

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Clinton’s Nevada Lead Is Gone & Her Backers Are Freaking

HillaryWorld is feeling the Bern.

or months, pundits have marked Nevada in the “win” column for Hillary Clinton, who was thought to hold an unassailable lead with the state’s large Hispanic population. But according to a new poll, Clinton might not win Nevada in the landslide that everyone predicted. In fact, she might not win it at all.

Somehow, while everyone was focused on the showdown between her and Bernie Sanders scheduled to take place in South Carolina next week, the gap between the two Democratic rivals had quietly narrowed from 23 points in December to a gut-wrenching one point in a CNN/ORC poll released on Wednesday, just three days before the caucus.

Allies in Clinton’s orbit are panicking, according to The Hill, as the campaign prepares for the possibility of losing a state that one Democratic strategist called “tailor-made” for Clinton. Latinos have long been considered a key part of Clinton’s supposed minority firewall against Sanders, whose victories in New Hampshire and Iowa were driven by white voters, but political observers everywhere will now have to revisit that assumption. “I don’t get it. I don’t think anyone expected this race to look like this,” one former Clinton aide said.

No matter how Nevada shakes out on Saturday, anything less than a Clinton blowout could be disastrous for her campaign, especially in a state that was once so obviously one-sided that no one had bothered to poll there since December 2015. Even if Clinton ekes out a narrow win, much like she did in Iowa, the fact that Sanders was even close will prove that his minority outreach is working, giving him added momentum going into the South Carolina Democratic primary one week later. Or, as one friend of the Clintons put it in more colorful, relatable terms to The Hill: “The shit will hit the fan.”

The surprising surge of Sanders in Nevada has only added to speculation that much like Barack Obama in 2008, the crotchety Vermont senator could present a strong challenge to Clinton’s once-inevitable nomination, if not snatch it from her outright. Statistics guru Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight has even laid out a numerical path to a Sanders victory, projecting how much he needs to outperform expectations to secure the nomination. In Nevada, assuming she holds a 12-point lead nationally, Hillary should be winning by 15 points. That may not be happening anymore. If it doesn’t, that could mean Clinton is in for one hell of a fight.

San Jose back in the running for early high-speed rail link

California high-speed rail officials are considering junking a 2012 decision to build the first segment from Burbank north into the Central Valley — and are now seriously studying the possibility of bringing the first stretch of track north to San Jose instead…
The outcome of the new evaluation will be known in the coming weeks, when the state unveils its 2016 business plan. The document will be the most comprehensive update for the $68-billion project in four years…
But the state is facing major difficulties with the south-first plan. By building in the north initially, the rail authority would delay the most difficult and expensive segment of the project: traversing the geologically complex Tehachapi and San Gabriel mountains with a large system of tunnels and aerial structures.
What the media often ignores is the plan for California High Speed Rail is to build a starter service from the San Joaquin Valley to a major metro area that would operate profitably. In talks with potential rail operators and investors by the HSR Authority, they made it clear they wanted the State to get a successful starter project built before they would commit to a full project. This meant an initial terminal in either the north or south at a major metro market. The advantage of going to Southern California is it is the largest travel market in California. It looks at this time that going to San Jose could be built sooner and cheaper to get a successful starter service up and running.

What local officials in both the Bay Area and Southern California need to remember is High Speed Rail is a State wide project. To fully serve California the entire State needs to be connected to High Speed Rail either directly or with connecting services. If the first leg goes to San Jose, good connections will be needed there to Caltrain, BART, Capitol Corridor and ACE trains. In the South using the future run-through tracks at LAUS Amtrak and Metrolink trains will need to be extended to Burbank Airport and Palmdale connecting with bus bridges to Bakersfield and High Speed Rail. The point is to make it possible to travel by rail and bus within California from the start faster and easier than it takes now to drive.

San Jose Mercury News

House Of The Year

Ancien Hippie

No, the picture at the top is NOT the 2015 House of The Year. That house is the story and picture below. The picture at the top will require a lot of work even before being nominated. And it will cost this Ancienne Hippie a lot of more than $1.00. Then a lot of work by the Hippie and friend, the Ancienne Rider.

This house is located in South Eastern France in a little town of Annot. It is 82 kilometers (51 miles) from the Nice Airport. Annot is on the Vaire river, on route D908 just off the RN 202, 15 km (9 miles) west of Entrevaux. It is inAlpes-de-Haute-Provence (04240), has a population of 1,053 and an altitude: 680 meters (2,231 feet).


A real gem is the Train des Pignes (which winds around “house of the year xxx”). This 1-meter gauge railway runs between Nice

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