10 Really Smart Things Successful Millennials Do

All those bad habits older people complain about? They’re actually kind of brilliant.

It’s time to stop whining about Millennials.

My company has grown a lot since 2014, and we’ve hired a lot more people. As we’ve done so, the average age has gone down. I’m a Gen-Xer; so are the CEO, COO, and a few other key people. But I think a majority of us now are Millennials.

Like everyone else, Millennials have their strengths and weaknesses. But after working in a Millennial-dominated company, I’ve developed a lot of respect for them. I’ve also learned that many of the things older people criticize this generation for are actually pretty smart.

Here are 10 admittedly broad generalizations about how Millennials work that I actually think the rest of us should emulate.

1. “They’re out for themselves.”

2. “They’re obsessed with technology.”

3. “They don’t know how to stick to their role.”

4. “They don’t pay their dues.”

5. “They think they’re experts.”

6. “They dress like they’re hanging out.”

7. “They think they define their roles.”

8. “They’re too sensitive.”

9. “They’re so presumptive.”

10. “They’re not loyal.”

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