Tips For A Successful EDI Implementation

Our guest wanted to ask (this  EDI Group), if anyone had a contact at Home Depot who could assist me in getting connected to Home Depot via either AS2 or FTP.
Since moving their EDI Support to India, the “support” portion seems to have been lost. It is next to impossible to get anything resolved and.  Our company has been trading with Home Depot for years, but our volume has exploded and the VAN costs are through the roof.  It is my understanding that while there EDI support was still here in the good ol’ USA, Home Depot did AS2.  However, when I try to communicate to HD India about switching to AS2 or FTP, I am told that because we are a “new supplier” we cannot.  I have tried to explain on several occasions that we are a long established supplier.  Then I get the reply “well, you are new to AS2” therefore you cannot do AS2.  How is that?  You can only do AS2 if you do AS2, but you cannot do AS2 if you are not doing AS2.  How does one break into this “elite club”?
One member of the support group responded as follows:
I think at this point you need to “think outside the IT/Tech Support box” and contact someone at Home Depot headquarters.

You surely have a sales rep who surely has at least one buyer/purchasing agent contact. You could start there.

But my favorite technique is to call the main switchboard and press whatever number you need to press to reach a live human.
Explain your problem (in English, not in Geek!) and in your case you might use words like “unresponsive” or “unavailable” or even
“complaint” somewhere in your explanation. (These are good sympathy/action words).

The switchboard person will get you to someone, but be prepared to explain your problem again because that first transfer may not
be the exact person you need.

You will eventually get connected to the party you need, or that party’s boss. Either works for you, except if you get the boss,
it’s going to be your party calling YOU after a brief “discussion” with that boss.

Another member responded as follows:
Email b2b_testing @ subject line should be something like this “VENDOR #### Ready for AS2 Testing” in the email body put in your vendor number and your AS2 information (AS2 ID, URL and etc)
Tell them you are ready to start on-boarding / testing (playing dumb as worked for me in the past as well)
Then follow up with a phone call contact the B2B/EDI help desk at 770-433-8211 x10036, option 3,3.
If you get a rejection – send the rejection to your sales rep have him forwarded it to the buyer – sales reps are sometimes afraid to contact their buyers and ask them questions, but your sales rep can complain about the cost of EDI and use it as leverage to negotiate prices or something —- this has also worked for me in the past.

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