No, The Old Manufacturing Jobs Don’t Exist Anymore

Great take on manufacturing!

The Arts Mechanical

This article starts off with an image of an auto plant, circa 1919 or so.

The fact is that the US doesn’t make thing the way thing were made in 1919, or for that matter in 1990.  Or the way the Chinese do things, which is to dump thousands of people on a problem.  So there’s no way that you could make an IPhone the way Foxconn does.

My answer to that is, “why would you want to?”

I did a post about a shop that makes parts without shutting down at night last February.

This is the result of almost two centuries in manufacturing technology advancement.

Here’s John Ratzenberger on a visit to the Arthur G Russell Bodine plant in Bridgeport.

The IPhone is fairly simple and does anybody believe that the company that makes lines like this couldn’t make a line for them if that’s what…

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