Maneuvering Trailers in RV Park

Dinata Misovec

Yesterday, Martin called in the morning and invited us to take our walk to their house for some strawberry-rhubarb pie. We left about 10:30 in a strong, cold wind. Martin and Betsy have rented a house just past the grocery store for the winter so it was not a long walk. We had a delightful few hours eating pie and talking.

As we walked back into the RV park we saw a trailer parked along the road.  The pickup truck looked like our neighbor’s across the street.  When we continued down the road we could see an RV blocking the road and some people standing around.  They saw us too and another neighbor, Jim, zipped up in his golf cart to take us home.  They needed us to move our car so they could maneuver the new, huge fifth-wheel trailer into its space.

b New Fifth Wheel Trailer Parking New Fifth Wheel Trailer in RV…

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