New York City snow storm is BIG!!!!

Could be 30 inches of snow in NEW YORK CITY tonight!

Andrew Cuomo, NY Governor, has ordered the city shut down.

Bridges and tunnels are shutting.

Due to deteriorating road conditions and poor visibility, NYC Transit and MTA Bus have suspended all local, limited and express bus service. Access-A-Ride service has also begun an orderly shut down of service.

Long Island Rail Road, Metro-North Railroad and above ground NYC Subway service will begin an orderly shutdown of service at 4:00pm due to deteriorating weather conditions and concerns for customer and employee safety. Crews and snow fighting equipment have been dispatched and are working to keep platforms and rails clear of ice and snow. We advise customers if at all possible to remain at home during the duration of this storm.


As you can see. NY City Garbage Trucks are now SNOW PLOWS





Reading & Northern logged record traffic, revenue in 2015

Reading & Northern Railroad achieved record carload volumes and revenue in 2015, the Port Clinton, Pa.-based regional announced yesterday.

The railroad handled 28,940 carloads, a 19 percent increase compared with 2014’s record-setting number of carloads, Reading & Northern officials said in a press release.

The increased carload activity helped the railroad to reach record-breaking revenue in 2015, exceeding past revenue levels by more than 30 percent. Freight revenue was supplemented by revenue from new transloading and warehouse businesses, they said.

The regional handles a mix of commodities, including wood pulp, paper, metals, food products, plastics, forest products and chemicals and minerals. Reading & Northern also serves the North American anthracite coal market.

In 2015, the railroad performed well in all commodity areas except in business related to the Marcellus Shale. Like other railroads in the area, Reading & Northern saw its Marcellus-related business fall by two-thirds. However, the railroad picked up traffic in other areas by emphasizing customer service and taking an entrepreneurial focus.

“Our record breaking volumes for 2015 prove that our decision to offer our customers guaranteed service windows does grow the business,” said Chief Executive Officer Andy Muller Jr. “And in 2016 we are taking this commitment one step further by improving our already excellent service by hiring more crews and running more trains faster.”

Reading & Northern increased employment nearly 8 percent in 2015, and is currently hiring new employees, said President Wayne Michel. He also stressed that much of the growth in 2015 was due to efforts to develop more traffic.

“In 2015 Reading & Northern got into the warehouse business in order to serve customer demand,” Michel said. “This follows our recent successful move into the transload business to better serve our customers. In addition, some of our customers needed to store their railroad cars as a result of market shifts. Reading & Northern forces reopened long unused railroad tracks and was able to handle thousands of storage cars.”

Sister company Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway also logged a record year in 2015, as more than 100,000 visitors rode on one of its steam or diesel-powered excursion trains, company officials said.

8 Morning Rituals of the Most Successful People

What are some examples of the morning routines and habits of successful people? originally appeared on Quora: The best answer to any question.

Answer by Alok Sharma, intern at IIRS-ISRO, on Quora

The day begins with the morning, and how well you utilize your morning decides how well you utilize your day. The morning habits of successful people vary, but a few common and helpful practices emerge. They

1. Wake up early.
2. Decide and review what to do for the day.
3. Work out.
4. Have a healthy breakfast.
5. Maintain a journal.
6. Meditate.
7. Finish difficult tasks with focused work.
8. Outlearn their competition.

1. They wake up early

What do Benjamin Franklin, Ernest Hemingway, Starbucks CEO Howard Schulz, Virgin founder and CEO Richard Branson, Apple CEO Tim Cook, Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi, Twitter and Square founder Jack Dorsey, and many, many other successful people have in common? They all wake up early; any time from 4 to 5:30 a.m., they’re up, while their not-so-successful competitors are comfortably in their beds, dreaming about how to beat the titans.

2. They decide and review what to do for the day

Most successful people review, plan, and look into their goals, strategies, and motivations before starting the day. They have clarity of vision, and this clarity breeds mastery that they can unleash in their work. This goes hand in hand with journaling (point 5).

For example, Steve Jobs asked himself every morning:

3. They work out

Apple CEO Tim Cook can be seen in the gym around 5 a.m. Jack Dorsey goes for a six-mile jog, while Unilever CEO Paul Polman runs on a treadmill.

All successful people understand that they need a highly functioning body, without diseases and stress, to face the day and perform some of the most challenging and inspiring tasks in the world.

Science says that working out releases endorphins that help reduce stress; it also maximizes energy and keeps you all-around healthy.

4. They have a healthy breakfast

Some do it at home, some in the car, and some in the office, but all successful people have a healthy breakfast. Richard Branson has a breakfast early in the morning, while Hain Celestial CEO Irwin Simon has a breakfast meeting. Procter & Gamble CEO A.G. Lafley says: “I used to eat virtually nothing for breakfast. Now I have a V-8 juice, half a bagel, and a cup of yogurt. And I eat five or six times a day. It’s about managing your glycemic level. You don’t want to boom and bust.”

It’s a good thing to have complex carbohydrates that slowly break down and release energy as the day goes by.

5. They maintain a journal

Some call it a gratitude journal, some call it an idea journal, some simply call it a

record or a plain-old diary. Mark Twain, George S. Patton, Thomas Jefferson, George Lucas, Charles Darwin, Ernest Hemingway, and Ludwig van Beethoven all kept a journal. They recorded their thoughts, ideas, gratitude, plans, strategies, goals, progress, and reminders.

Journaling is a powerful tool for planning, strategizing, reflecting, tracking progress, keeping ideas, motivating, and inspiring. It’s a doorway to yourself.

6. They meditate

Madonna, Hugh Jackman, Liv Tyler, Jennifer Aniston, Oprah Winfrey, Sir Paul McCartney, and Jack Dorsey meditate daily to improve focus, bring clarity and peace of mind, eliminate distractions, reduce stress, and boost health.

Science agrees: 20 Scientific Reasons to Start Meditating Today.

7. They finish difficult tasks with focused work

Successful people recognize that focus, energy, and willpower are far more valuable resources than money.

To do any task masterfully requires focus, energy, and willpower. With daily practice, successful people transform their habits into rituals; they reach a level of automation so they can utilize their resources on even more demanding tasks.

After reflecting, planning, and strategizing about their goals, successful people begin work with the focused execution of the most challenging but most rewarding tasks, early in the morning, so that they can finish other tasks that require lesser resources later in the day.

Science has proved that willpower is highest in the morning and depletes as the day passes.

8. They outlearn their competition

Successful people outlearn everyone around them. They’re obsessed with learning. They’re voracious readers. Barack Obama, Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi, and Disney CEO Bob Iger read and learn. They finish newspapers, books, audio books, journals, and magazines like Harvard Business Review, Inc., or Forbes while their not-so-committed peers waste their time on worthless entertainment.

I’d also highly recommend reading The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, Losing My Virginity by Richard Branson, Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, As a Man Thinketh by James Allen, Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy, The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma, and On Shortness of Life by Seneca to get an insight into the rituals of a few highly successful people.

Denver Station Restoration Leads Way To Rail Revival

If you arrive at the city’s historic and marvelously restored Union Station, you may not want to leave it.

The station reopened in July 2014 after a 2 1/2 -year closure for renovation and repurposing, a century after it debuted in its current configuration. (The original dates to1881.)

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