You Are Only As Strong As Your Supply Chain

In a world that is becoming increasingly interconnected, supply chain effectiveness is becoming a key success factor for the global economy. Given this reality, the findings of a recent Deloitte survey are rather alarming. The study shows that only 38 percent of supply chain executives are either extremely or very confident that their supply chain organization has the competencies needed today.
The gaps are particularly evident in two critical areas – technology and human resources.

The Technology Gap

The largest global businesses have spent billions of dollars implementing and maintaining their B2B integration infrastructure. Yet, when it comes to improving overall process efficiency and adding new trading partners that would create a competitive advantage, most companies are held back by the limitations of custom integration and one-to-one mapping.

This is no surprise when you realize that most organizations are investing the majority of their IT budget and resources in maintaining their legacy ERP systems and related legacy technologies.

Today’s trading networks are growing more complex. The number of companies involved in the typical manufacturing supply chain may be in the thousands. These companies are producing a multitude of products with unique specifications, parts and tracking numbers, adding complexity and processing requirements that are far beyond what legacy enterprise systems and integration methods were designed to handle.


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