A Christmas Message (Christmas History 24)

Windows into History

robin (source: bbc.co.uk)

Mary Virginia Terhune was a prolific writer of women’s fiction, under the pen name Marion Harland.  She had a remarkably writing career, spanning over 70 years, with her first articles published during her teenage years in the 1840, and her final novel published in her 90s, in 1919.  In her 1867 novel The Christmas Holly, she began with an introduction that summed up her feelings about the Christmas season, and is a message that is still relevant today.

On a Christmas Eve, many years ago… when I was young, unreasonable and rebellious, I took a long, lonely walk into the country. The afternoon suited my temper, and both were gloomy. Low heavens of clouded steel that yet seemed, now and then, to shiver with the still, biting air, and with each shudder, to let down a few wandering flakes of snow; a bleak landscape of commons, blasted…

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