Stay accountable and meet objectives with Fairpromise – the social network for actions & solutions !

An incredible way to make money, build credibility, and earn rewards in a fun, online social environment with your friends and family!


Anyone can set a personal goal for themselves. We’ve all been there: New Year’s resolutions, generating more revenue from your business, losing a few extra pounds, etc., etc. The trouble is, without someone else holding you accountable, it’s just too easy to let those important goals in your life fall to the wayside.

This is where FairPromise.com comes in. At FairPromise, everyone states their goals publicly to friends, family, colleagues, giving you the opportunity to let others witness your pledge and offer support. They’ll also see you fail if you slip up, so the pressure to reach your goal is always on and positive. The people invited to witness your promise will offer you a different perspective of it, so you can apply corrections in real time.

The principle is simple: You promise to others. They will judge your results through a poll. A true democracy applied to any project. Where the user has the ultimate power. Fair Promise gives you the power to judge, the power to improve, the power to help and to do and to provoke action, to challenge others to do reasonable things.

Keeping promises will make you win Fair Coins, the site virtual currency, rewards and money.

Fair Promise treats all kind of promises, from a simple appointment or a love promise to sophisticated projects. A unique platform for all your needs: personal challenges, family projects, professional tasks or civic/political activities. You can now challenge anyone to do reasonable things and move forward your community, your group or just yourself.

The website is loaded with social features to keep the entire process fun, interactive, and challenging. Encourage others to post promises of their own and log in to check their progress, offer support, or even challenge their ability to follow through (see a challenge video).

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