By the Mighty Mumford


American Locomotive

Company fans are the best,

For the “Honorary Steam Engines”

They never ever rest…

Fans will wait four hours

To see that smoke column,

A serious thing photographed–

An event so solemn!

The glug-glug of the engines’

Four cycle energy,

Has great pulling power

And fuel economy…

Production of these beasts

Stopped in nineteen sixty eight,

In Canada longer,

But numbers were never great.

So when we can find one

Or more operating here,

We are in “ALCO-heaven”

And shed a happy tear…

That delay in the turbo charger

That produces all that smoke

We long to rake a noseful

Even if it makes us choke!

I think I’m going back to

My ALCO video scene,

Forgive if I don’t see you out

I know it’s rather mean…

I’ve got a date this evening

With a smoky princess grand,

But if…

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