Arlo Guthrie celebrates 50 years at ‘Alice’s Restaurant’

Remember Alice?

In his long and colorful songwriting and recording career, Arlo Guthrie has never had a chance to not think about Alice.

That’s because his die-hard fans, and even the casual ones, who come to an occasional show request the folk anthem Alice’s Restaurant Massacree any time he performs.

But as gracious a performer as he can be, Arlo does not always comply. After all, the iconic tune — which is 50 years old and was inspired by a youthful encounter with the law after a 1965 littering incident, as well as the Vietnam War draft — is 18 minutes long. Arlo mostly tours with other musicians, including various members of his extended family, with rich collaborations and lively sing-alongs.

Each year at Thanksgiving radio stations around the country spin the tune, no one more fervently than WMMR 93.3 FM’s Pierre Robert, who plays multiple versions of the song multiple times during the holiday.

Thank you Sean for the great picture at the top.

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