All Politics is … Stupid?

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Syrian refugee resettlement in the US has created the political cause of the moment. Dozens of governors immediately lined up to say, “Not in my state” causing many others to say, “We welcome refugees”.  Nevermind that they don’t actually get a say.  Social media has lit up with memes and statements arguing the morality, legality, and practicality of all positions.

This has all the markings of a classic modern American political issue that could actually last into the next election in some form. It’s purely emotional and, more importantly, has absolutely no basis in anything that is actually important in the world.

The question of Syria, long ignored while it burned, has come to us as a feeble cartoon now that there’s the possibility that the situation might vaguely inconvenience us. And that’s all we’ve ever cared about.

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Oh Life! I Have Much to Say!

Micki Allen

Living in the midst of a truly craptastic period of our lives right now, my family holds together. Actually, the past two and a half years have been a wacky and wearisome roller coaster ride, but we continue to weather the storm with as much optimism as is humanly possible. Not long ago, I had a dear, dear friend accuse me of living my life as if it were a romantic comedy; when presumably, anyone else would think they were living in a horror flick. I likethat notion. I really do. It’s what keeps me sane. Mostly sane. Well, mostly sane with a slight chance of a periodic mental break.

download Life.

Lest, Dear Reader, you think I’m making light of mental illness; fear not! I come from a long and robust line of depression and anxiety garnished with a sprinkling of suicidal tendencies thrown into the mix. So … yeah. There’s…

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Canadian Pacific considering takeover of Norfolk Southern

Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd. is mulling a potential takeover of Norfolk Southern Corp., national news media reported yesterday.

The Canadian Class I is raising financing and has held “early-stage merger talks” with NS, according to BloombergBusiness.

Trading of NS stock was temporarily halted yesterday after the news broke. By day’s end, NS shares rose 11 percent on the reports, according to Zacks.

Talk of an NS merger revives CP’s efforts to build a transcontinental carrier, after talks with CSX Corp. failed last year.

In response to the rumors about talks with NS, CP issued a statement saying “that there is no material news pending at this time. CP does not comment on market rumor and speculation.”

NS spokespersons also have declined to comment, according to news reports.