The Joy of November (Snippets 38)

Windows into History

winter Winter Landscape with Iceskaters, by Hendrick Avercamp (c. 1608)

William Howitt (1792-1879) was a prolific writer, principally of non-fiction, who wrote on a variety of topics over the course of his life: religion, literature, spiritualism, travel, history.  He was perhaps best known for his books on rural life.  One of the most charming is A Country Book: for the field, the forest, and the fireside, published in 1859.  It contains one chapter per month, each focussing on country life at the relevant time of the year.  Sometimes November can seem like a melancholy time of year, with the long winter stretching ahead, but here is what Howitt had to say on the subject:

In Nature there is nothing melancholy.

In nature there is no season which has not its charms. To healthy frames and minds at ease, there will never cease to be inspiring music in the wild winds…

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USMC 240th Birthday !!

Pacific Paratrooper

On 10 November 2015 –

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What does the celebration mean to Marines across the globe?  To General John Lejeune it meant a great deal.  On 1 November 1921, he issued Marine Corps Order No. 47, Series 1921, which provided a summary of the history, mission and traditions of the Corps and directed that the order be read to every command each subsequent year on 10 November.


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Illustration of the first successful amphibious operation by the Continental Marines. WWII USMC combat artist, Col. Don Dickson Illustration of the first successful amphibious operation by the Continental Marines.
WWII USMC combat artist, Col. Don Dickson

At the Marine Corps Ball, one key piece of the ceremony is to present the first piece of cake to the oldest Marine in the room, who in turn gives the next to the junior Marine.  This symbolic gesture is the passing of experience and knowledge…

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Second Avenue Subway and the Politicians

Crazy Pasta Child

See the empty tunnel. It is part of the Second Avenue Subway.

The problem is that financing this monster is bigger than New York City. It is bigger than the giant Metropolitan Transportation Authority. It even stresses the State of New York although Governor Cuomo has helped a lot. Well, there is always Washington.

NY Mayor is a pain in the tail. Hope his wonderful Presidential candidate looses, but not to a Republican.

Two members of Congress said they were “deeply concerned” this afternoon following the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s plan to slash $1 billion in funding from the proposed Second Avenue subway.

Congressman Charles Rangel and Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, two Democrats who represent Manhattan neighborhoods where the subway is being built or is supposed to eventually reach, said the authority was making a “huge mistake.”

“While we are delighted that the state and city were able to reach an agreement…

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